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Wang Jiancheng



Professor Jian-Cheng Wang, PhD

Department of Pharmaceutics,

School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Peking University

Beijing 100191, China

Tel : +8610 8280 5932 (office) ; 8280 5764 (lab)



    Dr. Jian-Cheng Wang is a professor of Department of Pharmaceutics, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Peking University.  His bachelor degree was received from School of Pharmaceutical Science, Beijing Medical University in 1997. Also, he studied at Department of Pharmacology, National University of Singapore as visiting international Ph.D. student from 2002 to 2004. After received doctor degree from School of Pharmaceutical Science, Peking University in 2004, he worked as lecturer (2004-2007) and associate professor (2007-2014) at Department of Pharmaceutics, and now as a professor of Department of Pharmaceutics in Peking University.


Research Interests

Novel non-viral carriers for siRNA delivery;

Nano-carriers for Oral protein and peptide;

Targeted Nanoparticulate Drug Delivery System



2012 Prize-winner of Young Scientist Award in Biological Medicine from Chinese Pharmaceutical Association

2011   Supported by Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University from Education Ministry of China

2010   prize-winner for Achievements in Natural Science from Ministry of Education of China (the third accomplished people)

2009   Prize-winner of Young Scientist Award in Pharmaceutical science from Chinese Pharmaceutical Association

2008   Supported by Program for New Star of Science and Technology Talents in Beijing

2008   Prize-winner of The Science and Technology Award of Chinese Pharmaceutical Association (the third accomplished people)


Professional Service

Member of Medical Device Evaluation Committee of SFDA;

Member of the editorial board of Global Pharmaceutical forum Journal;

Associate Editor and Academic Secretary of "Encyclopedia of Chinese Medicine-- Pharmaceutics"


Representative Papers

1. Feng Q, Yu MZ, Wang JC*, Hou WJ, Gao LY, Ma XF, Pei XW, Niu YJ, Liu XY, Qiu C, Pang WH, Du LL, Zhang Q. Synergistic inhibition of breast cancer by co-delivery of VEGF siRNA and paclitaxel via vapreotide-modified core-shell nanoparticles. Biomaterials. 2014 Mar; 35(18):5028-38. 

2. Gao LY, Liu XY, Chen CJ, Wang JC*, Feng Q, Yu MZ, Ma XF, Pei XW, Niu YJ, Qiu C,Pang WH, Zhang Q. Core-Shell type lipid/rPAA-Chol polymer hybrid nanoparticles for in vivo siRNA delivery. Biomaterials. 2014 Feb;35(6):2066-78.

3. Cheng-Jun Chen,Jian-Cheng Wang*, En-Yu Zhao, Ling-Yan Gao,Liang-Ren Zhang, Wan-Liang Lu, Qiang Zhang. Self-assembly cationic nanoparticles based on cholesterol-grafted bioreducible poly(amidoamine) for siRNA delivery. Biomaterials. 2013 Jul;34(21):5303-16.

4. Zhao ZX, Gao SY, Wang JC*, Chen CJ, Zhao EY, Hou WJ, Feng Q, Gao LY, Liu XY, Zhang LR*, Zhang Q. Self-assembly nanomicelles based on cationic mPEG-PLA-b-Polyarginine(R15) triblock copolymer for siRNA delivery. Biomaterials. 2012,33(28):6793-807.

5. Enyu Zhao, Zhixia Zhao, Jiancheng Wang*, Chunhui Yang,* Chengjun Chen, Lingyan Gao,Qiang Feng, Wenjie Hou, Mingyuan Gao* and Qiang Zhang. Surface engineering of gold nanoparticles for in vitro siRNA delivery. Nanoscale, 2012,4(16): 5102–5109.

6. Xiao-Mei Tao, Jian-cheng Wang*, Jia-bao Wang, Qiang Feng, Shan-yun Gao, Liang-Ren Zhang , Qiang Zhang*. Enhanced anticancer activity of gemcitabine coupling with conjugated linoleic acid against human breast cancer in vitro and in vivo, European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics 2012,82(2):401-409.

7. Jiang J, Yang SJ, Wang JC*, Yang LJ, Xu ZZ, Yang T, Liu XY, Zhang Q. Sequential treatment of drug-resistant tumors with RGD-modified liposomes containing siRNA or doxorubicin. European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics. 2010,76(2):170-8.

8. Zhang YF, Wang JC*, Bian DY, Zhang X, Zhang Q., Targeted delivery of RGD-modified liposomes encapsulating both combretastatin A-4 and doxorubicin for tumor therapy: In vitro and in vivo studies,European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics, 2010, 74: 467-473