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Xie Ying

Associate Professor

Ying Xie ph.D, A/professor

Department of Pharmaceutics,

School of Pharmaceutical Sciences,

Peking University,

Xue Yuan Rd38, Haidian Dist,

Beijing, 100191, P.R.China

Tel: (+8610) 82805351 (Office)



    Ying Xie received her bachelor degree (1993) from Inner Mongolia Normal University, master degree (1996) from Beijing Normal University and doctor degree (2005) from Peking University. She has been working in School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Peking University since 1996. Now she is engaged in teaching and research work of pharmaceutics. Her teaching courses involve Physical Chemistry and Physical pharmaceutics for undergraduate or graduate students. She has published more than 30 research papers and 13 textbooks, applied 10 patents, four of them have been authorized.

    A/Prof. Xie has been engaging in the study of pharmaceutics since 1996. She is the principle investigator for series grants, including Natural Science Foundation of China Grant, National Basic Research Program of China (973 Program Grant), National Integrity Innovational Technology Platform of New Drug and Research and Development and Founder of new drug research fund. She serves as a reviewer for several journals such as Journal of Chinese Pharmaceutical Sciences、International Journal of Pharmaceutics、Journal of Microencapsulation and Colloid and Surface, B.


Selected publications:

1.  Xie Ying, Ye Liya, Zhang Xiaobin,Cui Wei, Lou Jinning, Tauneji Nagai, Hou Xinpu*. Transport of nerve growth factor encapsulated into liposomes across the blood–brain barrier: In vitro and in vivo studies. J. Control. Release , 2005, 105(1-2):106-119.

2. Xie Ying, Wang Fei, Li Feifei, Li Dongsheng, Deng Lili, Effects of Binuclear Copper (II) Threonine Complex on Blood Glucose, Lipids and Protection of the Hearts and Kidneys in Diabetic Mice. J. Chin. Pharm. Sci ,2007, 16(1): 14-17.

3. Zheng T.-T.,Zhou H.-X.,Chen R.-Q.,Li Z-Y.,Xie Y. *,Jia H.-M.*. Improved Brain Uptake of 99mTcN-NOET loaded by Targeted Sterically Stabilized Liposomes in ICR Mice. J Label Compd Radiopharm , 2009, 52(S1):S80。

4. Zhou He-Xiang, Chen Rui-Qin, Sun Hui, Zhang Pei-Ran, Jia Hong-Mei*, Ying Xie*,Bio-distributions of [125I]Spiro-I brain targeted liposomes in mice, J. Chin. Pharm. Sci , 2010, 19(1): 47-51。

5. Zhang Pei-ran, Tu Ying-feng, Wang Shuo, Wang Yi-hui,Xie Ying *, Li Miao *, Jin Yiguang, Preparation and characterization of budesonide-loaded solid lipid nanoparticles for pulmonary delivery, J. Chin. Pharm. Sci, 2011, 20(4):390-396.

6. Sun Hui, Zhang Xian-Hua, Wang Shuo, Tu Ying-Feng, Zhao Rong-Sheng*, Xie Ying*. Preparation and characterization of oleanolic acid loaded solid lipid nanoparticles for oral administration, J. Chin. Pharm. Sci, 2011, 20(3):259-265.

7. Yu Yu-Ping , Wang Qi , Liu Ying-Chun*, Xie Ying*,Molecular basis for the targeted binding of RGD-containing peptide to integrin aVb3, Biomaterials , 2014, 35(5):1667-1675.[IF 8.312]

8. Luo Qi#Wang Yihui#Yang Hongge, Liu Chang, Ding Yuan, Xu Haifeng, Wang Qi, Liu Yingchun*, Xie Ying*. Modeling the Interaction of Interferon α-1b to Bovine Serum Albumin as a Drug Delivery System. J Phys Chem B.  2014, 118(29):8566-8574. [IF 3.377]

9. Liu Chang#, Luo Qi#, Tu Ying-Feng, Wang Gui-Ling, Liu Ying-Chun*, Xie Ying*. Drug-carrier interaction analysis in the cell penetrating peptide-modified liposomes for doxorubicin loading. J Microencapsul .2015, 32(8):745-54. [IF 1.86]

10. Ding Yuan #, Sun Dan#, Wang Gui-Ling, Yang Hong-Ge, Xu Hai-Feng, Chen Jian-Hua*, Xie Ying*, Wang Zhi-Qiang. An efficient PEGylated liposomal nanocarrier containing cell penetrating peptide and pH-sensitive hydrazone bond for enhancing tumor-targeted drug delivery. Int J Nanomedicine . 2015, 10: 6199-6124. [IF 4.383]

11. Lin Shao-Hui, Cui Wei, Wang Gui-Ling, Meng Shuai, Liu Ying-Chun, Jin Hong-Wei, Zhang Liang-Ren, Xie Ying*, Combined computational and experimental studies of molecular interactions of albuterol sulfate with bovine serum albumin for pulmonary drug nanoparticles. Drug Des Devel Ther. 2016, 10: 2973-2987. [IF 2.822]

12. Liu Chang#, Liu Xiao-Na#, Wang Gui-Ling, Hei Yu, Meng Shuai, Yang Ling-Fei, Yuan Lan*, Xie Ying*, A dual-mediated liposomal drug delivery system targeting the brain: rational construction, integrity evaluation across the blood–brain barrier, and the transporting mechanism to glioma cells, Int J Nanomedicine . 2017, 12: 2407-2425. [IF 4.300]

13. Ding Yuan#, Cui Wei#, Sun Dan, Wang Gui-Ling, Hei Yu, Meng Shuai, Chen Jian-Hua, Xie Ying*, Wang Zhi-Qiang. In vivo study of doxorubicin-loaded cell penetrating peptide modified pH sensitive liposomes: biocompatibility, bio-distribution, and pharmacodynamics in BALB/C-nude mice bearing human breast tumors. Drug Des Devel Ther . 2017, 11:3105-3117. [IF 2.822]